Telecommunications markets are experiencing radical changes; the boundaries between telecoms, broadcasting and information technology are becoming increasingly vague, presenting new challenges for operators and regulators alike.

Vafer’s basic role in this new environment is to help clients understand the situation and in close cooperation with the client develop optimal solutions.

As a telecommunications consultant, Vafer offers its services to both telecoms operators and regulators, providing expert advice in realising the client’s desired outcome, preparing optimal technical and organisational solutions.

To telecommunications operators we deliver the necessary expertise for upgrading and optimizing existing networks, or offer proven solutions for establishing a completely new operation. We provide advisory services to national regulators of electronic communications markets by preparing strategic regulatory plans for future regulation or by spearheading concrete projects related to the regulation of Next Generation Networks (NGN).

Vafer’s services are based on excellent theoretical knowledge supported by many years of practical experience. Vafer’s competitive advantage lies in an in-depth understanding of the latest technology, regulatory frameworks and their development, and the current operational processes of top electronic communications operators.