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Vafer can assist clients in the development of national strategies when it comes to broadband implementation and frequency allocation.

Vafer’s work with clients helps them understand the role they can play in national or regional broadband stimulation and frequency allocation. Both heavily influence market development and social welfare, with Vafer’s national strategies practice providing market players with insight on how to build best-practice strategies and deployment plans to ensure maximum benefits.

Vafer’s national strategies implementation service can assist governments, regulators and operators in:

  • demand stimulation strategy and planning;
  • strategic objectives, as well as requirements and options analysis;
  • market research to determine short- and medium-term requirements;
  • business case development following approved government best-practice methodologies;
  • all aspects of state aid, including all aspects of European Union (EU) state aid;
  • procurement design, implementation and evaluation; and
  • engaging with the industry.

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