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Market analysis services provided by Vafer include the up to date analyses of relevant markets for electronic communications as prescribed by the European Commission, as well as definitions of individual telecoms markets and various scenario change impact analyses for a converged technology and service environment.

The constant development of technology and market competition creates a dynamic which affects market relationships and conditions; because of convergence, the classic telecommunications division into mobile and fixed telephony is becoming irelevant, with fixed-mobile convergence, Next Generation Networks (NGN) and voice over IP representing the future for operators and regulators. This makes it extremely important for market players to understand the impact of regulation and competitors on market conditions, behaviour of businesses and habits of users.

Within the scope of its research projects and market analysis Vafer studies the effects of new technologies and convergence on particular ‘traditional’ markets and the subsequent impact on user behaviour and competitiveness, while simultaneously monitoring consequential changes in regulatory approaches.

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Market Analysis