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Vafer can manage and coordinate the setup and launch of new ventures or franchise opportunities in the South-East Europe (SEE) region.

Vafer has experience in launching new operations for mobile operators and virtual mobile networks operators (MVNO), has helped launch intra-facility networks and fibre optic metropolitan and international networks, and has experience in implementing Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) networks.

Vafer can assist you in:

  • drafting business plans and financial models for the launch of new ventures;
  • planning new wireless networks for 3G/4G, TETRA, WiFi, or for virtual mobile networks operators (MVNO) and service providers;
  • planning new fiber networks for intra-facility, metropolitan, regional or international applications;
  • negotiating access and interconnection agreements;
  • assuring comprehensive regulatory compliance;
  • supporting the acquisition of all required numbering and frequency licences; and
  • negotiating with equipment vendors.

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New Ventures