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In providing strategic planning and advisory services, Vafer provides consulting support that enables clients to manage sector transformational issues.

With telecommunications undergoing rapid changes while being raked by bouts of creative destruction, stakeholders and players on telecoms markets face hitherto unknown challenges. It is Vafer’s objective is to give its clients the relevant hard and soft tools to acquire the skills, knowledge and capacity required to meet short-term challenges and long-term goals on electronic communications markets.

Vafer has wide experience in developing regulatory measures impact-models as well outlining the impact an individual measure may have on the client’s business or way of doing business.

Vafer assists telecoms market players by providing business advisory services in corporate strategy related to strategic planning for service and product markets, new ventures, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), de-mergers and transformational technologies.

Our services are intended for already established operators and operators that are just entering a market; for potential investors, we can produce regulatory due diligence and regulatory risk management strategy and analysis.

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