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When it comes to financial modelling, Vafer specializes in calibrating quantitative financial models and business plans for incumbents and alternate service operators (whether wireline or mobile, 3G or 4G), and performs Return of Investment (ROI) assessments and other regulatory requirements.

In financial planning Vafer has developed:

  •  A financial model for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) calibrated for use by investors; the model helps MVNOs assess the cost of access to public mobile networks and national roaming services providers, calculating the cost of key infrastructure components, wholesale leases, and the projected market share and device subsidies, thus producing scenarios for the preparation of financial projections, such as profit and loss, balance sheet, or cash flow.
  • A Next Generation Networks (NGN) financial model calibrated for investments in fibre optic networks; the model is an essential tool for making informed decisions on high speed internet network roll-out. The financial model has been developed to replicate ‘real world’ conditions based on industry best practice. Performing accurate calculations for fiber investment requirements and capacity needs, it is ideally suited for the preparation of feasibility studies and business plans where fiber optic network routes have been set.
  • A 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) model intended for investors planning Next Generation mobile networks that feature mobile broadband; the financial model calculates the cost of mobile licenses using inputs related to license duration, required network coverage, number of users and projected Average Revenue per User (ARPU) that will generate the Return of Investment (ROI) commensurate with investment risk.

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Financial Modelling